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The Hardest Button

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New Community [24 Jul 2005|12:52pm]


Hey there!

Incase you're all interested, I've created a new White Stripes fan community called stripedchildren , check it out! :-D

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[29 May 2004|01:42pm]






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Totally And Completly Un White Stripes Related [07 Mar 2004|05:57pm]

Totally And Completly Un White Stripes Related But I Need Help. I Want A Layout. Something Really Basic Like What My Friend Lady_Of_Diadems Has. I Just Need The Base Because I Will Edit Colors And Everything And Stuff But I Need Some Help. If You Can Post In My LJ Or Here Or Email Me Jicila_106@Hotmail.com. Thankyou.

And Because I'm Just So Lame... Collapse )

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[24 Feb 2004|09:49pm]

hey im new to this community! I <3 the White Stripes! I love the background to this community? who found it? and where? i really want it! lol

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new community [14 Feb 2004|05:07pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Join my new community: white3stripes.

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[16 Jan 2004|01:43pm]

iam new,so i guss i love the white stripes gose with out saying......but they are so wonderful ,they diservie it....
my name is amy
i live in nor cal.
umm and iam 16 ...
thats about all.............


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look at [16 Jan 2004|05:51pm]


this is my community I just made for claiming white stripes songs, I thought it was about time we had one:)

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[27 Dec 2003|05:04pm]

"#1 The White Stripes Elephant An extended mixtape of the year's most vital music -- i.e., the list you're about to read, comprising discs, singles, and album cuts -- must start here. ''Elephant'' (Third Man/V2) is where Jack White becomes a star -- a modern-day ''Clockwork Orange'' droog with a guitar. But it's also where he transforms himself into a one-man repository of American music at its most untamed and poetic. From the wire-brush rawness of White's six-string attack to his excursions into hillbilly duets, yowling power ballads, uneasy-listening folk, and unhinged blues vamps with his drummer and ex-wife, Meg, ''Elephant'' thrashes about without ever losing its nerve, verve, or focus. If ''garage rock'' once seemed the pithiest way to describe the White Stripes, this volcanic album establishes that the term, with all its connotations and stylistic limitations, is no longer sufficient. For two people -- especially one whose percussive chops are clearly limited -- they create an avalanche as forceful as just about any other band in pop: ''Seven Nation Army'' and ''There's No Home for You Here'' sound like the work of an ensemble. Beyond liberating themselves from genre restrictions, the Stripes also manage to accomplish something that seems unimaginable at a time when rock has devolved into either retro-nostalgia conservatism or ugly, brutal aggression: They remind us how volatile, unpredictable, raggedly beautiful, and exuberantly alive the music used to, can, and should be."

mmmmm... entertainment weekly's 15 best cd's of the year... Number one baby!

-They trashed Meg a bit... which is sad.

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Hai Hai [22 Dec 2003|10:14pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Just another Introduction :D I'm Angelique a 16 year old Female from The Netherlands - Rotterdam and a proud Candy Cane Child! Yes I admit i've become a fan through Seven Nation Army, but now I've got all their Albums :D The White Stripes have totally changed my music interest and for that I'm gratefull. Their comes a whole lot of sound just out one guitar and a drumset whoo! I also have a greatestjournal where I put my life in, but in this one I'll have my Icon Journal mostly white stripes ones so check it out!

Love, Angelique

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Help Me! [18 Dec 2003|02:22am]

Hey do any of you have the A & E Cold Mountain Special online? Could you share? I missed the first half...(you know the part that actually HAD Jack in it)

AIM: o0TigeGirL0o
or comment!

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[15 Dec 2003|02:54pm]


I hope this is allowed.. I am in desperate need for some money, so I am going to have to sell the extra poster I got at the white stripes show at the fillmore denver, on september 19.. it's in perfect condition, it measures 13 x 19 and looks like this:

make an offer in comments if you are interested.. it will go to the highest.

will be shipped in a poster tube.

(nation army)

[13 Dec 2003|01:25pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hi I love Jack white to death I'm new and could use some new white stripes friends:) so anyone wanna add me?

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[12 Oct 2003|10:03pm]
hi i'm new and just wanted to say hello.


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[02 Oct 2003|07:24pm]
hello. dont um... hate me. because im about to do the (other) dirty deed and actually promote a community. but youd like it! i promise! because... everyone wants to give and recieve rare white stripes songs! doesnt b-sides and bootlegs of the white stripes kind sound like music to your ears? ... litterally?

then go to little_red_box_ please. and if you get angry, you can delete this. i just thought it might interest you.

thank you and goodnight.

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[26 Sep 2003|08:18pm]

I just watched the video for Hardest Button... fecking genius!!!!!

(and yes i know i'm late)

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Help! (cross posted) [23 Sep 2003|03:36pm]

Hello! Does anyone have "Rated X" or "Handspring" and they would be willing to let me Download it? Any other hard to find songs are helpful. I have lots if you would want to trade! My e-mail is tigegirl@hotmail.com and my AIM SN is o0TigeGirL0o Thanks!!!

(nation army)

[20 Sep 2003|10:13am]

white stripes bootlegs for sale.Collapse )

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[19 Sep 2003|06:48pm]

[ mood | bored ]

pretty picture of jackCollapse )

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[07 Sep 2003|10:25pm]

[ mood | high ]

I tuned in to SNL last night for the 1st time in forever ( ex. when did will farell leave?) i almost wet myself. The White Stripes Were on. It was amazing. *swoons at memory*

(nation army)

[05 Sep 2003|06:36pm]

I enlarged the background image... is it noticeably better or should i have left it alone? I'm really pissed that you can't see Meg... i need to figure our how to make the text box itself transparent!

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